Thursday, February 19, 2009

What Is LJSF?

LJSF is an all volunteer organization; founded on March 2, 2005 by Rev. Celso C. Namuco. With SEC-Securities and Exchange Commission Registration Number: CN200503243.

  • to educate and equip the church by vigorously teaching and preaching the Holy Scripture,
  • to encourage participation of all members in church activities and projects
  • to organize cell groups and establish local churches
  • to actively work with Bible-believing churches and parachurch organizations
  • to expand social programs in response to emerging needs such as healthcare, community outreach and the like.
  • to develop and support training and eventually establish centers for mission work.
  • to tap the multimedia as channels for communicating the Gospel
  • to establish, operate and manage Bible School to prepare the man of God for the work of the ministry
  • to organize and help promote campus ministries 
  • to carry out prison and hospital outreaches and Christian businessmen fellowship
  • to build prayer cells, a music studio, parsonage, library and recreational facilities 
  • to train, equip, send and ordain missionaries, pastors and evangelists, in establishing churches locally and abroad (As amended on January 8, 2006)

  • Self improvement
  • Establishing a standard of excellence
  • Having a life of character and integrity
  • Becoming a faithful steward, carrying an organization’s name
  • Mentoring people for effective leadership

  • It is a dream of sharing the Good News of the Lord Jesus Christ with people from all walks of life in Batangas City and beyond.
  • It is a dream of welcoming hundreds of members into the fellowship of our organization – learning, enjoying and sharing one another.


We glorify God by making
Christ's disciples,
Sharing His Words and always
Fellowshiping with His people. 


From Lord Jesus Stewards' Fellowship Inc.

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