Monday, October 16, 2017

Little Stewards Club

Children's Sunday School

Children are part of the church. This is why we keep on and teaching them the Good News about our Lord Jesus.

One of the great things our church have accomplished this year is conducting regular training for those who wanted to commit in leading these little ones at the foot of the cross.  The said training was launched early summer of this year.  We decided to name the Children's Group as Little Stewards Club.  
Barangay 21 & 24
As a result, we now have a greater number of teacher volunteers to handle the children's classes not only during our worship service but also in the community where the teachers are.

Cuta, Batangas City

Pallocan West, Camella Homes - San Pascual, Barangay 21 and 24, Cuta, Batangas City; recently opened center; these areas are regularly conducting fellowships headed by our volunteer teachers who consistently attend the teacher's training.  We are praying that all of these centers in different barangays will continue and that God will bless every house who are hosting the Children's Fellowship.  Being volunteers, they are raising their own fund to sustain every fellowship for the children in their community.  We are also looking forward to open new more centers in new areas at the same time more financial supporters to partner with us in this ministry for the children.


Camella Homes, San Pascual, Batangas

Pallocan West, Batangas City

Most rewarding experience of sharing lives with children is their gratefulness and appreciation even in the smallest things you've done for them.  How much more if it is done out of love for the Lord and the souls of the children.

Little Stewards Club in Video

Feel free to connect and message us to support all of our church ministries as God has touched you.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Level Up

The above video sums of the activities of our church for the past few months. 

Sunday Worship Service - 10 am
Youth Gathering - 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month
Hoops and Armour (Basketball Fellowship) Every Sunday
Re-Charge (Prayer Time) Every Saturday 2pm
PREACH Youth Camp - May 4 - 6 , 2017
Children's Fellowship - Last Sunday of the month
Water Baptism - June 25, 2017

Friday, June 30, 2017

Books Boxes Distribution

In 2011, before going out for overseas mission, my family and I donated all of our books to Bible School in Lipa, Batangas for we saw the need for tools among pastors and christian workers in the province. Truly we cannot out give God for the Christian books and bibles we gave to His Body, the Lord multiply it ten times after three years of sowing. I met a Christian brother, director of a mission in the USA that distribute Bibles and Christian books to Churches worldwide. He shared containers of books to the Philippines of which our ministry became one of the beneficiaries.

Since then, Lord Jesus Stewards Fellowship Inc. has been a blessing to churches in Batangas and beyond, giving Bibles and books to ministries and para churches. Our goal is to provide personal library for pastors and teaching materials for church workers and volunteers to help them grow in their ministry life as well as the church which they are ministering. 

There is a cost for every effort and vision we aim to fulfill for Christ. The custom cost, trucking and warehouse fees are among those we cover that before became burden but now an opportunity to grow and sow just to provide tools to our workers in the fields. Because we know that our cause is greater than the cost. Our communion is better than convenience and our devotion to win the lost is greater than our dream. 

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Jail Ministry

I had some goose bumps preaching the Gospel today to almost 2000 men surrenderees inside Batangas Provincial Jail under the program of the government in fighting illegal drugs through spiritual transformation. I have shared Mark 10:46-52. Jesus healed the blind Bartimaeus when Christ passed Jericho and these men did not let the opportunity slip to raise their hands to receive spiritual healing of Christ our Savior! Glory to God!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Fight for your Faith

Christian life is not always easy for it is not guarantee of having a life without problems and troubles. But what make a a Christian different is how he/she can face these life's difficulties in a positive way knowing that God is with him/her no matter how difficult life is.  God's words are full of promises to hold on that will help a Christian fight a good fight of faith.  It is a life of full dependence on God to win every battle.

Proposed Church Building Design

Our church had been praying for our church lot and building for ten years now.  It is our joy that little by little the prayer for the reality of this place of worship is now in our finger tips. It is estimated that this building project will cost P4,000,000 (four million pesos).  Now, we are trying to raise this fund to start the construction.  Pray with us to see God's leading for opportunities and ways for this project to start.  We started experiencing attacks from the enemy to hinder this process; the same difficulties Nehemiah encountered during the Israel's rebuilding of the wall.  To see the projected area where we want to establish the church building, you may click on this separate post. If the Lord touched your heart to support us, please do not hesitate to e-mail us telling us any support you'd like to extend to our church.  We will be praising God for any help you'll offer.

Along our service as a church is to have partnership with government's program for the drug offenders who surrendered to help them recover and mend their broken lives to be re-united with their families and become a better individual in their own community.

Youth Fellowship

Visit the link see more fun stuffs in our youth fellowship.  

It was also our privilege to be with other believers in a continuous praise and worship event joined by more than 40 churches here in Batangas City. "Let His Praise Resound 2016"

Children's Fellowship

Children's Fellowship - September 25, 2016
Our daughter just celebrated her seventh birthday last September 22, 2016. In every special occasions as this, we rather have a party with the less fortunate children. For every child, they are looking forward on having a special party during their 7th Birthday. Our little girl is as always excited to celebrate her birthday. Since the first day of September her countdown begins. I don't have any assurance to her that we will have a big party for her since the budget is tight. Another problem came that our business was paralyzed when I don't have a baker. I was a huge disaster that hurt our finances even more. Yet even in that situation I was thankful to have co-church mates who are supportive to arrange our Children's Fellowship at the same time celebrate Eu-La's birthday party. This made our little girl fulfilled and happy.

Now we are currently working on a seminar that focuses on businessmen and professionals.  Pray with us for this event to be successful.  We are to reach this group of people too and lead them to Christ. We are glad to have partnerships with other people for this ministry to move forward.

If you have missed our August report here's the  link: Best Day Ever

May God's abounding love and grace fill your lives everyday that will keep you stronger in your faith.

Fighting for God's Cause,

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Best Day Ever

For a day in Your courts is better than a thousand outside. I would rather stand at the threshold of the house of my God Than dwell in the tents of wickedness.
Psalm 84:10 (NASB)

The best day of my life started my I fully came to understand of God' love and grace in my life. Whenever I celebrate my birthday I will always thank the Lord and remember his unconditional love and faithfulness in my life.  There's be no better place I'd rather be than to be with the Lord and serve Him.

Thank you for our church members who have always been there to pray and support our family that helped us through and kept us from serving.  It is tough to have four young kids.  It is because of you why we as couple can go out and spend some time as husband and wife.  

I was so delighted to see this photo posted on Facebook by Sis. Aida Quitain.  This was taken at their house during one of their Bible Study meeting.  Every Wednesday we are having regular Bible Studies hosted in their residence and they also gather children in a separate room for their own Bible Stories we call the group "Vessel of Grace Care Group".  I remembered the time where I got to teach Sis. Aida's children and some more kids from the neighborhood few years ago.  Seeing this was some part of fulfillment and proof that the kids I used to teach before were now our teachers and part of the church servants too! 

Our youth leaders group gets more aggressive to lead and influence their fellow youths.  Each of them are now responsible for organizing the Service Program. 

 Aside from their regular Youth Service Every First Sunday of the month, They decided to have another Outdoor Youth Gathering in San Pascual, Batangas where our daughter church situated.

 As always, our Children's Fellowship are enjoyable for little kids also.

You may visit the link to see a quick recap of this month's Children's Fellowship:

We thank you for your continued support in our ministry.  Join with us in praying that our Church Leaders will keep on growing in Christ and faithful stewards of God's gifts as they serve and lead other people to Christ.

In Christ,