Monday, September 20, 2010


I have grown up close to nature since I grew up in a province. I love plants and appreciated every garden that I see back when I was a child. I kept on my mind that one day I wanted to have my own house with a very beautiful garden. My grandparents are farmers so somehow I understand a little bit about planting.

I haven't any chance to really take care of plants when I was younger. My mom would just ask me to water them and that's all I did. When I get married and doesn't have any choice but to stay in the house and look for our children, that was the time I considered to start my own garden. I only used to grow bacteria in petri dishes back when I was working in the laboratory. Now, I find gardening a good past time for me.

We don't have a big space in the place that we are renting. We live in a market place so there's no piece of land to plant. The only way for me was to use pots.

Matthew 6:21