Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Labor for a New Home

Each family desires a place where to dwell together.  A home is a place where we can find refuge, security and happiness.  It is an environment where you feel being loved and cared for.  Though a home is more than just the visual structure, we are to admit that the physical building and ambiance it offers has somehow a contribution to make us feel more comfortable.

Christ Stewards Fellowship Hall has become a place of refuge for our emotional and spiritual needs. Being united with the bond of Christ, each member of CSF is continually learning and growing to build each and everyone’s relationship stronger and to reach out also for others who are in need.  Since last year, we started praying for our church building needs.  We have stayed for almost five years and ever since we have not made any major renovations in the building that we have occupied. 
We have considered transferring from a different place.  We have so many plans, but all were first directed in prayer and in faith we knew it is God who will provide for the financial needs and will direct us in the right actions about these plans.

                God taught us to be more faithful to him and be more generous in giving.  And with each and everyone’s contribution, God lead us to an idea of making renovations for our place of worship.  The whole family started to labor in work with prayer.  Everyone was also excited on what will be the outcome of our hard work.  We have seen how the hands of God had helped us and how he made his provision.  After six days of laboring at last it is finished.  We may have not relocated but we are to say that we now have a “new home”.  The next morning was Sunday, a beautiful day to start and dwell together as family praising the Lord for who really He is in our lives and declare His goodness.  In the afternoon we have opened our home and welcomed 50 families and were blessed with the Good News of Salvation and received some grocery gifts.

                To labor is not to feel comfortable, you feel every single pain with work.  No wonder why every woman who is to deliver a child is termed to be “in labor”.  In the end of every labor you'll feel the fulfillment and happiness of its fruit.  At this moment, I am expecting for our third child and my body is now preparing to be in labor.  This labor that I am about to go through is worth it to give this baby a “new home”.

               We thank God for all of these blessings for our church, my family and giving us this opportunity of sharing our home to others as we continually labor with Christ to fulfill his commands.


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