Sunday, May 21, 2023

Hearstrings is a fellowship designed for women.  This group caters moms and married women.  Most of the time we find ourselves stuck with struggles, and we needed someone to be with us to support us.  Someone who's been there can sympathize and understand us more.  What makes it more helpful is that together we grow together spiritually as we study the Sciptures and pray hand in hand.

Special gatherings like these cover specific topics and aim to invite guests to share them the Gospel.  This promotes a more closer relationship with fellow sister in Christ.


Little Stewards Club

 Crossover Lesson Series

We were blessed to meet Ptr. Romy Capuli last April 2023, which is not according to our plans.  It was a good time spent with him as we share the same burden in reaching the little ones for Christ.  We do believe that the church needs to spend time reaching and developing the spiritual lives of children.  Pastor Romy blessed us with a complete set of materials and this has become one of our answered prayers for our Little Stewards Club as we were looking for a lesson series that we can use for our monthly gathering.  We recently launched our children outreach in Pallocan West and Libjo Central.

With prayers and hopes, these children will be the next generation of our church who will continue the Great Commission entrusted to every believers.

We are also grateful to our supporters and volunteers who partners with us to continually reach out for these little ones.

Sunday, May 14, 2023

Grace Abounds Conference


Preach and CREC set a partnership for a conference entitled, Grace Abounds.  Pastors from Anselm Presbytery are coming here in the Philippines to discuss about the doctrines of grace.

Majority of the attendees were from the five Preach Core Churches, and some other invited reformed churches who expressed their interest in learning about Preach and CREC.

The said event was held at Rizal Recreation Center last May 12-13, 2023.  We learned so much from the speakers.  This was an interactive conference, and questions were raised after every discussion also helping to clearly understand the point being presented.

It is also our privilege to have Pastor Paul Liberati to be with us in our worship service.  As expected this time was spent learning more from him.

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