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Christ Stewards Fellowship was founded in 2005 by Pastor Celso C. Namuco, a man of vision and always looking for the opportunity to serve as a steward of God.  He heard the call of the Lord in full-time service after he was elected as a youth leader in his village. He wanted to give all the glory to God for the task He had given to this young man. He looked for a Christian Church and remembered the Baptist church that taught him about Christ as a child. He attended their cabin prayer meeting, which happened to be just on the other side of the street, his cousins' house. After the meeting, the pastor talked to him personally and told him to attend church. The young Celso accepted the pastor’s invitation, and that night, he can still remember that he promised to live for Jesus, serve Him, and even give up everything for the cause of Christ. He resigned as a youth leader after a couple of years of serving the young people in his town. He pursued his studies in the seminary, where his local church is connected to equip himself for the service. This is the same church he pastored for several years.

Our Pastor finished his bachelor’s degree in theology (BTh) at International Baptist Theological College and Manila Theological College, all in Metro Manila. He continued the arduous task of studies by taking up a master’s in theology (ThM) at Manila Theological College and another master’s degree in ministry (MAM) at Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Dasmarinas, Cavite. He started a Bible School in Batangas since he could not find any Bible School in the province where he could send workers to study. He served as the Dean of Baptist Bible College Asia, now Global Surge, in Batangas City, Philippines. This institution is leading in training men and women for the ministry. Our Senior Pastor is currently studying for his doctorate in ministry at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Before Pastor Celso Namuco planted Christ Stewards Fellowship, the Lord called him first to pastor a small church in the uptown area of Batangas for seven years. Then, as a pulpit minister in another church in Metro Manila for a couple of years. These churches belong to the same denomination, where he became a baptized member and a minister. When he finished his degree at Manila Theological College, founded by a foreign missionary from Korea, he met Pastor Leo Ordiales and his wife, Elma, in 2003 because they were all graduates of this college. Since Pastor Ordiales was a Church planting director of White Fields, Pastor Namuco shared his burden to plant a church in his home province of Batangas, one of the least evangelized provinces in the Philippines. Without delay, Pastor Namuco was supported by this church planting mission so he could plant CSF Batangas in 2004. The Lord calls Pastor Eric Cedo and Pastor Zander Quitain to assist Pastor Namuco as they both graduated from the Bible school Pastor Namuco started in Batangas in 2006.

Christ Stewards Fellowship is holding its worship service at JoRose Bldg., Libjo Central, Batangas City, up to this day. It was a rented building owned by Pastor Namuco’s in-laws. They are looking forward to purchasing a lot and building for CSF.

Since Christ Stewards Fellowship (CSF) is an independent Reformed Church, he aligned with Reformed tradition and distinctive. It was a divinely appointed time when five pastors met in 2016 to discuss the possibility of forming a mission that shares a common position in Reformed Soteriology to seek true historic reformation so their churches will have a Reformed presence in the Philippines. The PREACh (Philippine Reformed Evangelical Association of Churches) was born in 2017. At present, Christ Stewards Fellowship joined Gift From Heaven Community Church, Spirit-Filled Community Church, God’s Abundant Church, and Grace Covenantal Church to form the PREACh association. 

Our humble beginnings…….

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