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Rev. Celso C. Namuco, the founder of Lord Jesus' Stewards Fellowship and the head pastor of Christ Stewards Fellowship, a man of vision and always looking for the opportunity to serve as a steward of God.

He heard the call of the Lord in full time service after he was elected as a youth leader in his village. He wanted to give all the glory to God for the task He has given to this young man. He looked for a Christian Church and remembered the church which taught him about Christ when he was a child. He attended their cabin prayer meeting which happened to be just on the other side of the street, the house of his cousins. After the meeting, the pastor talked to him personally and told him to come over to the church. The young Celso accepted the pastor’s invitation and that night, he can still remember that he opened his heart for Jesus, promised to live for Him and he even given up everything for the cause of Christ. He resigned as a youth leader after a couple of years of serving the young people at his town. He pursued his studies in the seminary to equip himself for the service.

Our Pastor finished his Bachelor degree in Theology at International Baptist Theological College and Manila Theological College, all in Metro Manila. He continued the arduous task of studies by taking up Masters in Theology (ThM) at Manila Theological College. He started a Bible School and served for six years as the Dean of Baptist Bible College Asia in Batangas City, Philippines, leading on in training men and women for the ministry as where his heart always is. This Bible School is still ongoing in Lipa City, Batangas.

The Lord used him to minister to a couple of churches. First in Williamsburg Baptist Church in San Juan, Batangas as a pastor for seven years then in International Baptist Church in Pasig City, Metro Manila as a pulpit minister for two years before planting our church- Christ Stewards Fellowship in Batangas City in the year 2004.

His life has been a wonderful testimony of God’s faithfulness and many lives have been blessed and become committed to follow Christ because of his commitment and spiritual tenacity as God’s chosen leader.

Brief History of Christ Stewards Fellowship

Our humble beginnings…….

On March 2004, after Pastor Celso C. Namuco explored the City of Batangas decided to rent a place in Pallocan West, Batangas City. Together with Sis. Lorena Abas and Sis. Filipinas Galvan, they taught Vacation Bible School under Calumpang Bridge. Several children graduated, eventually it leads to a few Bible Studies in the area. Pastor Celso has established the relationship with the community that ushered to some evangelistic crusades in this Barangay. The result was astounding that he was able to baptize new believers. One of them is Sis. Aida B. Quitain, her home became a house of prayer and worship for months. On March of the following year, Pastor Celso Namuco founded Lord Jesus’ Stewards Fellowship Inc. Through God’s leading, we held our worship services and seminars in different establishments like hotel, malls and restaurants.

And God is faithful. Through many prayers, sacrifices and love of members for the Lord, we were able to find a new place of worship and we held our first service in this place on January 8, 2006. And on March 2006, Christ Stewards Fellowship celebrated its first Anniversary in our rented auditorium at 2nd floor 22-B P.Genato St., First Market, Batangas City. This place becomes a refuge for those who find shelter, a hospital for the wounded hearts and a training ground for Christ’s stewards.

In spite of being a young church, our fellowship was able to minister to many businessmen, professionals, pastors and workers through seminars and meetings for the propagation of the Gospel. We were also been able to baptize several believers to become faithful stewards of Christ. We continued to expand our ministries thru Sunday school for children and adults, camps for young people and worship service for them namely Christ’s Young Stewards Fellowship. We were able to open up a Bible School on June 2006 to train our members to become faithful stewards. The Bible School is not exclusively for our members but we also encourage other churches to send their workers and be equipped in the ministry. And we believe all these ministries will to continue to increase in number and prosper for it is Christ’s not ours.

View this history in a compiled video.

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