Saturday, December 10, 2011

Costume Party

For a change a to break the routine of our usual cell group activity for our young people's fellowship, they have suggested to have a costume party. Few weeks before the event everyone was thinking of what type of costume can they wear in the party, or a person they can portray. It was exciting night when we held the event. We have prepared a short program then afterwards had a very delicious dinner.

At times we would wanted to mask ourselves and imitate the things around us.
Just like wearing costumes. We at times would love to pretend and portray a personality which is not the real "us". Maybe just to please everyone and be accepted in the society we are in. We may be able to hide the "real us" be we cannot mask the true person inside us in front of God. He knows us, the deeper part of us. But what thrills me of is that he accepts everyone no matter who and what we are.

As a Christian, what we are most aiming for is not to get the attention of everyone around to please them. But the greatest desire the and our chief end should be is "to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever". Let us remember that God is looking at us and we cannot hide ourselves from Him. If we are to remember when He chose David to be the King of Israel; God said to prophet Samuel that He doesn't look at the outside appearance, but rather God looks on the heart.

A person with a relationship with Christ will seek of what is the will of God in his life and will continually serve its purpose. Just like a simple can. A can will hold different things like food, liquids etc. Its main purpose would depend on what the owner wanted to fill it then labels it. Just like a can of fruit cocktail. You have reached out to it and opened it for your dessert and surprisingly what you'll see is not the dessert you've wanted but an acrylic paint. A mislabeled can... It would bring you disappointment for sure. Being labeled as a Child of God, God expects us to act like one, submitting to His will and serving our real purpose. A can be used as paper weight, a toy, at times you can use it to balance your table and so many ways as you wanted to use it, but its real purpose is to contain as what its label says. Let us search ourselves, are we serving the real purpose God wants us to be. And pray to God to show us His direction and that we may be able to fulfill it. We cannot hide ourselves from God by showing good looking costumes and pretend. God sees our real score. After fulfilling His will, God surely will be glorified then we can fully experience the fullest joy with God's presence each and everyday.

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