Friday, July 6, 2012

Bridging Hope

Whenever I see the Pallocan Bridge, it always reminds me of the goodness of the Lord.  It gives me a sense of strength and encouragement to pursue on serving the Lord in the ministry that He had entrusted to us.  In most difficult times, this picture would make me reminisce of God's faithfulness and being a graceful provider that I can continually put my hope upon.

It feels so good to remember that this bridge became the first shelter of our church.  Started from children ministry without any chairs to sit on.  We are currently here in a market place renting a small area for our fellowships, meetings and for our congregational worship.  We saw God added the things that our church needed and experienced His provision in every step of the way.  Looking back at it, all were unexplainable; seeing the needs fulfilled in ways that we couldn't comprehend.  God uses people in different ways and situations, even people who didn't crossed our minds would suddenly extend help and blessings.  It's so amazing that God's answer is perfect; giving exactly what is needed.

Now, we earnestly ask God to give us a piece of land and in an unexpected situation we came to know a person selling his property in Pallocan.  Yes! It is in the community where we started.  The bridge is few meters away from this property.  Pallocan is now the new business hub here in Batangas City considering also the influence that we were able to establish in the area.  It is strategically  wise to locate our church hall in the community where we have started.  The area is 469 square meters amounting to P 2,110,500 ($ 50,250).  It made us so excited hearing this property even though at the back of our minds, we also question how can we afford buying this lot.  We may not have the enough money for now, but we have our faith that God will give our church a property.  It is also funny that brokers would come to us and discuss about it - the necessary papers needed to acquire the property etc., even though they are aware that the budget is not yet around.  We are making ways of how we can raise the necessary amount to pay for this land.  Still it is the hand of God that will help us accomplish things that we thought of as an impossibility. 

As we aim to provide a property for our church, we still kneel and ask God for His will.  We continue to humble our selves that this desire of acquiring a property will still be in lined of glorifying His name.  In our hearts we wanted to have a sanctuary that we can call our own.  This place will serve as the legacy of our faith to our children's children that will remind them of God's faithfulness and amazing power that He can do things beyond our own resources and capabilities.

This might be an impossibility as we measure our capacity, but knowing that God's hands are near, He is able to work for our means.  In times that I will find myself doubting, I will once again see the picture of the bridge where we started to help me focus on God and place my hope in Him.


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