Sunday, June 2, 2013

Vacation Bible School 2013

I have never been as excited as this with the though that Vacation Bible School is going to start.  What makes our VBS unique this year is that we are going to use the lessons that I author for the whole week of classes.  Our lesson theme is "Ang Diyos na Lumikha sa Akin, Ako ay Espesyal na Nilikha Niya".  We are also giving free copies of this lessons just send email requests to  Head on this post to know about the full details on this free material.

 We were able to held DVBS Classes in Pallocan West, Barangay 21 and Barangay 24.  Though there are areas we failed to reach because of conflicts, still we are thankful that God uses us in this ministry. It is a huge privilege to be able to serve in Lord's work and be a blessing to others. I praise the Lord for the lives of church youths who willingly volunteered for this church activity. With their help, working together in unity and collaboration, all the necessary preparations were accomplished faster and easily .

Children who received school supplies - Sonny Boy, Angelo and Jericho

Teaching more than a hundred of students during this summer, I was able to meet and help some needy children.  They attended the whole DVBS program.  I saw and felt the need to help these children in a little way we can by buying school supplies they needed the school opening. I was touched with Angelo's life.  I saw how he participated in our classes.  He recites all the memory verses assigned for that day.  I noticed him one day when they have to work on a craft and Angelo is not working on his craft activity, there I started to ask him why.  There I learned that he doesn't have any crayons so I told him that he can finish his activity at home and submit it the following day because I was just thinking that he left his crayons at home.  He told me that he will not be able to work on the activity even he brings it home.  Hearing that, I was puzzled why a boy like him couldn't own even broken crayons at home.  I started to ask some people who knows him and learned about their financial situation.  I was burdened and from here I started to find ways on how to help him.  I took me two weeks to raise the funds I needed so we can help these children for their school supplies.  
Angelo with his younger brother
I tell pastor Celso about the story of this young boy (the idea of giving school supplies for selected children) and we agreed to pay a visit at their house. As we approach their house I more burdened seeing their real condition.  We met Angelo's mother Sheena.  We started to introduce ourselves and asked them of how can we help Angelo for the coming school opening.  Sheena said that they were are to buy notebooks pencil, etc for Angelo. She was thankful that her husband was able to have work for few days that they were able to afford buying those supplies.  It was Angelo who informed us that day that his father doesn't have a permanent job for now and is out that time looking for ways to meet their daily needs and hoping to have another regular job.  Angelo asked us if we can help him buy a pair of shoes and a school bag.  Before leaving we prayed for the whole family and invited them to attend the church service to receive the gift they have asked for.

Going home I came more to realize how blessed I am and from there am reminded I have so many reasons to be thankful to my creator.

Richly Blessed,

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