Monday, April 25, 2016

April 2016 Highlights

While beating the summer's heat, I am glad to share how each and everyone is continually serving and sharing God's love.  It is our fellowship that kept us on fire with the Lord and I believe that through our ministry a lot more leaders are going to rise up.

Children Ministry - April 9 & April 17, 2016

We held Children's Party at Christ Stewards Fellowship in San Pascual, Batangas, as a part of their pre-anniversary celebration.

We are glad to have more than thirty children in the community to participate with the program.

The same team of volunteers held the Children's Party in Christ Stewards Fellowship in Batangas City.

The team are currently looking for more opportunities and developing creative ways to reach more children.  Currently, we are having a little difficulty in gathering more children because it's summer. Some of the children are in vacation specially during weekends the family are in out of town and due to summer heat most of the children can't be found on streets.  We are to improve on our form of invitations and develop close relations with their parents and guardians.  We also needed to make this event as regular as possible for the children to follow a regular schedule and even challenge new children to join us. It is through faith that we are making this Children's Fellowship possible. God didn't failed us to give people who will partner with us in finances and volunteer support.

Baptism and Outdoor Fellowship - April 18, 2016

Summer is the perfect time for swimming and church members bonding through outdoor activities. We are blessed with what the Lord is doing in San Pascual were new believers followed the Lord through the public confession of their faith.  

The whole day was filled with fun, fellowship and sharing also to mention meeting new friends. These team building activities are another way of linking stronger relationship with fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord.  Pray with us that each CSF member will keep on growing in their faith and will be able to share it to others too.

San Pascual 1st Anniversary Celebration - April 24, 2016

What a joy to see that the church in San Pascual, Batangas as they kept on growing in the Lord.  

Pastor Eric Cedo with the support of his family - his wife; Sis. Eva; and their daughters - Shammah and Jochebed are together serving the Lord to plant this church.  I am amazed to see their heart and dedication to share the Gospel to the communities here in San Pascual, Batangas.

Pastor Leo Ordiales, the guest speaker, preached on the theme "Growing in the grace and knowledge of God." The text is found of 1 Peter 3:18.  This is a challenge to us as a believer of Christ that we are to keep on growing both in God's grace and knowing God in our lives.  The days are not to become as easy as it can be but the church is to remain strong and growing.

Pray for our ministry to keep on doing what God wants us to do so we can keep on growing.  With this we can reach more community to share Christ.  Pray for us to develop more leaders and volunteers to expand the work of the Gospel.


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