Friday, June 30, 2017

Books Boxes Distribution

In 2011, before going out for overseas mission, my family and I donated all of our books to Bible School in Lipa, Batangas for we saw the need for tools among pastors and christian workers in the province. Truly we cannot out give God for the Christian books and bibles we gave to His Body, the Lord multiply it ten times after three years of sowing. I met a Christian brother, director of a mission in the USA that distribute Bibles and Christian books to Churches worldwide. He shared containers of books to the Philippines of which our ministry became one of the beneficiaries.

Since then, Lord Jesus Stewards Fellowship Inc. has been a blessing to churches in Batangas and beyond, giving Bibles and books to ministries and para churches. Our goal is to provide personal library for pastors and teaching materials for church workers and volunteers to help them grow in their ministry life as well as the church which they are ministering. 

There is a cost for every effort and vision we aim to fulfill for Christ. The custom cost, trucking and warehouse fees are among those we cover that before became burden but now an opportunity to grow and sow just to provide tools to our workers in the fields. Because we know that our cause is greater than the cost. Our communion is better than convenience and our devotion to win the lost is greater than our dream. 

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