Monday, October 16, 2017

Little Stewards Club

Children's Sunday School

Children are part of the church. This is why we keep on and teaching them the Good News about our Lord Jesus.

One of the great things our church have accomplished this year is conducting regular training for those who wanted to commit in leading these little ones at the foot of the cross.  The said training was launched early summer of this year.  We decided to name the Children's Group as Little Stewards Club.  
Barangay 21 & 24
As a result, we now have a greater number of teacher volunteers to handle the children's classes not only during our worship service but also in the community where the teachers are.

Cuta, Batangas City

Pallocan West, Camella Homes - San Pascual, Barangay 21 and 24, Cuta, Batangas City; recently opened center; these areas are regularly conducting fellowships headed by our volunteer teachers who consistently attend the teacher's training.  We are praying that all of these centers in different barangays will continue and that God will bless every house who are hosting the Children's Fellowship.  Being volunteers, they are raising their own fund to sustain every fellowship for the children in their community.  We are also looking forward to open new more centers in new areas at the same time more financial supporters to partner with us in this ministry for the children.


Camella Homes, San Pascual, Batangas

Pallocan West, Batangas City

Most rewarding experience of sharing lives with children is their gratefulness and appreciation even in the smallest things you've done for them.  How much more if it is done out of love for the Lord and the souls of the children.

Little Stewards Club in Video

Feel free to connect and message us to support all of our church ministries as God has touched you.

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