Monday, June 4, 2018

CSF goes to Libjo

Christ Stewards Fellowship was blessed to have found its new home in Libjo Central, Batangas City.  We have been praying so long to have a new place of worship. This venue was indeed a God-given gift for the church because of the kind hearts of the couple Bro. Jorge and Sis. Rose Abas.  They were blessed to acquire a property in the said place and let the church use a portion in this brand new building.  The medical mission was planned since last year.  This January, we were all thinking if the new building would really be the possible venue to conduct the medical mission since it was still under construction and the following month, Bro. Jorge was diagnosed to have a tumor in the junction of his esophagus and  stomach which was already in Stage 4.  Though it was tough for the family, Bro. Jorge was determined to let the construction go through so the building will be finished to be used for the scheduled medical mission.  March 21, 2018 Bro. Jorge goes home with the Lord and it was a struggle for the family if they can continue on with the construction considering the finances.  We saw how God's provision and wisdom guided them and the building was available at the date of the medical mission.  Bro Jorge has been helping different ministries through his skills in construction.  And our current church building will is testament of his generosity and faithful service to the Lord.

This medical mission will not be possible without Medmission 2000 who partnered with us.  A lot of medical professionals volunteered to serve all the patients who came for the 3-day event.  And served as an opportunity also for the church to share the love of Christ through medical service and an opportunity of sharing the Gospel as well.  More than 500 patients were served receiving free medical consultation, tooth extraction, circumcision, minor surgeries; all patients received free medicines suited for their conditions.  This has provided a way for the church to create a good image in the new community because of the rendered service.

June 2 - Thanksgiving and Building Dedication Service.  Sis. Rose Abas testifying how God worked in their family.  Her sensitivity in the leading of the Holy Spirit, obedience to God's Words was the key of God out pouring blessings in their life.  God works even in the most impossible ways when it is His will it shall be done.

June 3, 2018 marks another history of Christ Stewards Fellowship for it is the First Worship Service held in Jorose Building, Libjo, Batangas City.  It was also our privilege to have Dr. Tony Gatdula Founder/Ministry Leader of Medmision 2000 to speak in our Worship Service.

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