Saturday, August 12, 2023

Church Workers Appreciation Day

We praise the Lord for the opportunity of having sometime to unwind.  This event was possible because of the generosity of a person who pledge an amount of money to gather all our church workers and their family for a retreat and recreation time.


The work gets easier and the burden lightens when more people share and carry the load.  Lord has blesssed our church with co-workers who help us labor in his vineyard.  He sent us people to disciple and as they grow spiritually, they too, give their life to the Lord and serve in whatever capacity they can for the glory of God.

We want to encourage our brethren who partner with us to keep on doing the will of Lord and never get tired.  And we want see our selves exerting all our best efforts to fulfill our duty in the ministry that was entrusted to us.  May the Lord find us as his faithful stewards and glorifying his name.

We long to reach out for more people, whom God has chosen to be a part of His Kingdom.  May God guide us and grant us his wisdom and strength as we fulfill the Great Commission.  

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