Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bible School

It is our joy and desire to be of help in training church leaders and workers here in Batangas. It is one of the ministries that God put into our hearts. God has lead us to conduct seminars at first then He opened the doors for us to be in partnership with Baptist Bible College Asia. BBCA assisted us on what curriculum to use. But we need to raise a separate fund to run the College here in our province. We started operating the Bible School since year 2006. We offer the courses for free and up until now we are still continuing because of God's faithfulness. We experienced how the Lord provided the needs of this Bible School.

There are times when we struggle financially on how to support the needs of the school such as payments for the rent of the facility, monthly dues (electricity, water and other bills), office supplies
and most of all the financial support of the professors. We know that these professors are working hard to study the lessons to teach their students. It is hard for us not to give these professors any money for their hard work. We try to give them financial gifts, we called it financial gift because it cannot be considered and real salary. The money will just cover the transportation expense of the professor and a snack. We thank God for giving us professors who have this heart to continually teach our Bible School Students even without gaining any profit. We are praying that one day we will be able to give these professors the proper compensation that they deserve to receive.

This school year 2009-2010, God gave us the knowledge for us to sustain the needs of the Bible school, we decided to organize a Sacrificial Dinner. This was a very successful event and everyone was blessed upon knowing our ministry. We are aiming to meet more people who are interested to support this ministry for us to continue on serving the Lord in this field of training and discipling church leaders and workers.

Last, December 2009, we gathered all the students together with the professors and it is their first time to be in fellowship because they have different schedules of classes and could not meet. This was a very exciting event truly a celebration also of God's faithfulness.

As of now, we already have four batches who were able to finish 1st year (Practical Ministry). Our pioneer batch are now on their 3rd year level. Most of them are already pastors and workers in the church and have considered that they still need proper education to become effective church leaders.

When there are also times that my wife and I would think to quit the school because of the struggles around. There we see the student's eagerness; longing to study and to learn more about the Scriptures. It is also the time when God touches hearts of people to be of help. This gives us encouragement to continue on and to keep on praying that it is God who will sustain us.

Presently, the students are now in their 4th block and this coming March they will soon be graduating; another joy to see them learning God's word. We continually expect more of God's awesome power working in our lives to pursue His call to us.

I urge you to support us and join us in praying for our Bible school. We are praying for more professors who will commit teaching, and a bigger training facility. This is for our preparation this coming academic year 2010-2011.  To God be the glory!

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