Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Camp and Travel

I love to travel it is because I find it very relaxing for me. If somehow I find myself bored and stressed, going out would bring me back to my senses. Even a simple walk outside will really help. In every travel find myself enjoying the views of the trees, green plants in the fields with its colorful flowers, the blue skies and its fluffy clouds. The sight of them makes me feel closer to God, His creations really reflects His magnificence.

Recently, we had an opportunity to be at the BBCA (Baptist Bible College Asia) Camp. I told my husband if we can go at the camp. He settled everything for our accommodation. This time I know it won't be easy to travel with two children around - JC and Eu-La. But still I insisted for us go. I know I needed time to go out and be in a place very different from the four corners of our house. Most of the time it gets me bored staying at the house looking after the children and doing house hold chores. Joining the camp would break the daily routine we had.

The camp was held at Highlands, Iba, Zambales. It took us almost 8 hours of travel sitting inside the bus. For my son JC, he enjoyed staying in bus as well as her little sister Eu-La. They had chances of playing inside the bus, we sing and even them, like me enjoyed the view outside the window.

Batangas City and Lipa City BBCA students joined we are 57 delegates from Batangas Province. This was my second time to be at Highlands, Iba, Zambales. I really love this place, the camp is surrounded by mountains, you'll really like the ambiance and the fresh cool wind that will touch your skin makes you feel refreshed. I enjoyed also watching the colorful and big butterflies flying to and fro at the red flowers just couldn't had the chance to caught these beautiful butterflies in pictures.

I knew all of us were blessed at the camp in different ways. It was a time to meet new friends, a chance to talk to old acquaintances making relationships deeper. It was also a time for me to just sit down and listen to different speakers and had more time to self reflect and search and mostly learn more from God's word. The different sessions in the camp made challenges for the campers mostly to our Bible School students to keep on learning and finish the courses they had and even to invite and encourage others to enroll also in the school. For our fresh man students they had a chance to learn more of what BBCA is and how it aims to train and develop church leaders to be of use in the expansion of God's ministry.

As of now the Main School Administrators are planning to conduct a mobile camp here in our Province - Batangas. Meetings have been set for the planning of the camp details. We have been requesting for this camp for so many years now. We are hoping that it will be accomplished time. Realization of the camp here in Batangas would mean more fruits in the ministry of BBCA and also of the different local churches. Couple with us in praying for the fulfillment of this camp and that God's hand will hold everything for His own will and plan for this event to come to pass.

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