Thursday, August 5, 2010


Truly it is God's grace that enable us to continually minister with different types of people. And it has been five years of God's grace, faithfulness and provision how our Bible School continued. It has always been an opportunity and blessing to be used in equipping church leaders through teaching, conducting seminars, trainings and also facilitating the school. God has used different people to pray, to support us even in the financial needs of the school and to volunteer even without compensation to share their knowledge and train laymen and church workers in His vineyard.

It is really overwhelming to see how God worked for the past five years in our Bible School ministry. We are grateful on how He is continually blessing the school. This academic year 2010-2011, we are able to branch out and open up a new branch in Lipa City with Pastor Dan as our partner. We have 40 enrolled students in Lipa and 15 new enrollees here in our own branch. And what is more exciting is that we will be having our first batch of Bachelor graduates. Glory to God for the lives of these people who committed their lives to the Lord. They acknowledge the need to study and learn more with the help of the training provided by the school thus making them to be equipped and prepared for the work that God wants them to do. The next step for them is to apply and act out everything they have learned.

Last July 23, 2010 Lipa City and Batangas City branch has joined for Sharpening Your Axe Seminar with a topic Basic Counselling with Pastor Art Esmalla, the president of Baptist Bible College Asia. A very interesting topic and is really helpful. As church leaders, it is really necessary that we will be applying the proper Biblical Counselling to everyone in need of our counsel mostly our brethren in Christ.

I am always been inspired by the testimonies of the students on how they are blessed through this ministry. To see them pursuing to finish their course here in this school is really an encouragement for us. We continually pray for the will of God to happen for this school. We need more people that are ready to commit their lives to learn more from God, to act what is God's will and will also teach others of everything that they have learned from His Word.

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