Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fun, Ball and Pins

It has been a long time since I haven't played bowling and even couldn't remember the last time we played. One thing I remember, my husband (Pastor Celso) and I often play ten pin bowling game almost seven years ago with my little brother Joshua. Main reason was that the bowling alley was just across the street of our bread store there in Calicanto.

It was such a great idea from the Young Stewards - the name of our Youth Group, to go out one Sunday afternoon and play a bowling game besides of having their ordinary cell group meeting inside the four corner of our church room. It was just too exciting for me to play the game though what we will be playing is the duckpin bowling.

We went out together the Young Stewards and of course with my two children - JC and Eu-La. My children were on the cheer as they see every player tries to knock down every pin. The activity made us realize even more to take care of our bodies as Christ's Stewards by having a regular physical exercise and even found out that hitting these pins in a bowling game could help us release our anger, fear and anxieties. It was really FUN!

This was a blessed afternoon for me and I know for the rest of us who participated. Of course our way of having fun and a deeper fellowship with each other. It was a great joy for me to always have fellowship with the Youth Group. A lot more activities are laid up in planning to strengthen the fellowship of these young people. Most of them have struggles in their families mostly of their financial needs. Pray with us that God will continually work in their lives to continually serve the Lord whatever it takes and that they may grow in faith day by day so that they will be able to trust the Lord in every situation of their lives. And that all of them will be able to see where God will use them by discovering the gifts that God has given them.

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