Wednesday, February 16, 2022

The Servant of the Lord | Heartstrings

Feb. 16, 2022
Women's Virtual Fellowship

Text: Isaiah 49: 1-7
Topic: The Servant of the Lord

         The book of Isaiah is taken from the name of the author whose name was also "Isaiah."  The Hebrew name of this prophet means "Yahweh is salvation," which is the summary of the theme and contents of the book.  Isaiah's name provides the theme of the book,
"Salvation is of Yahweh."
Isaiah has been called 'the evangelical prophet' because he says so much about the salvation & redemptive work of Messiah/Christ.

How God worked in Isaiah's life as the servant of God.

1. His authority was given from heaven. v.1
     God had appointed him.

2. God had fitted him fir the service. v. 2

3. God assured him of the success of his undertakings. vv. 3-6

      He received from God an answer.

Remember, those whom God designs to employ as his servants are fashioning and preparing them for His service. The gospel shall be preached by God's servants to the ends of the world and that Christ will be glorified.
Soli deo gloria!!!

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