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God's Mercy and Judgment | Women's Fellowship

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March 30,2022
Jeremiah 18: 1-10
God's Mercy and Judgment

   The theme and purpose of writing of this book are two things; 
1. Warning of God's judgment against sin(of Israel/Judah) and,
2. The message of hope and restoration if the nation would genuinely repent.
In chap. 18, we can see here that God sent Jeremiah to a potter's house, who  gave him an illustration by shaping a vessel(out of clay). Jeremiah watched the potter at his wheel. The soft clay became misshapen but the potter shaped it back into a good vessel.

What God is trying to imply here? 

Two things God wants Jeremiah to see.
1. God has an authority/ power and irristible ability to form and fashion kingdoms and nations as he pleases to serve his own purposes. v.6
2. That, in the exercise of this authority and ability, He dispenses favours indeed in a way of sovereignty, but never punishes by arbitrary power. In ways of judgment we may be sure that it is for our sins.  National repentance will stop the progress of the judgments(vv.7,8)
In this case, if that nation repent of their sins and reform their lives, turn every one from his evil way and return to God, God will return mercy in mercy to them.

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