Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Jesus is The Ultimate High Priest | CYS

Christ Young Stewards
Virtual Fellowship-March 01,2022
Jesus is The Ultimate High Priest.

 1. The son became one with our humanity to lead us into glory.
 2. To lead us out of our slavery.
 - Slavery from sin
 - We are no longer slave to sin.
 - Jesus is 100% man and 100% God. He experienced everything as a human except sin.
 - The 1st Adam brought us to sin, the 2nd Adam brought us to salvation.
 - The purpose of Jesus incarnation is not to brought us to the promise of Canaan, rather He wanted His children to come into eternal Glory.
 - Death is sure for all of us.
 - Without Christ we cannot conquer death.
 - We have to always seek grace from God whenever we face temptation which we feel we can't bear.

Jesus is the ultimate High Priest, our Brother, and our Savior.

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